Hi! My name is Rute. I moved to Luxembourg last November (2012) just one month after giving birth to my little baby girl Deb, along with my 3 year old boy. Me and my husband are the happiest parents in the world with our two beautiful kids.

I’m the founder of Giving At Lux Project and I’m also the author of one other blog -“Desperate housekeeping for busy mums and dads“. Since I really wanted to write a lot of usefull stuff to other expat parents living in Luxembourg, I realised it would make much more sense to have a specifc blog to write for them (YOU!)

It’s my intention to write about everything related to our experience living in Luxembourg as expats, from local info to schools, from supermarkets to restaurants…

Please feel free to e-mail me directly for any additional thoughts or feedbacks using the following address ExpatMuminLux@gmail.com


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