Great playgrounds in the city

Hi there!
With the Spring finally out there, what best topic than outdoor activities? 🙂 Yes, let’s talk a little about the great playgrounds we can find in and around city centre.

Last August I came to Luxembourg for the first time, just for three weeks, to help my hubby settling in. At that time I was 6 months pregnant, with limited mobility, and I had to entertain a very energetic toddler. So, what I did? Of course, I drove all over the city center and suburbs in the quest for the best playgrounds.

The first one I found was the famous Pirate Ship Playground at the Parc de Monterey, just between Avenue Monterey and Villa Louvigny. I will add some photos as soon as possible.

> The Pros: This ship is huge, like in real size, so the kids love it. Especially boys will definitely love it! 🙂 There is also some funny water games, which is great during the warmer days. You can also bring some little toys to play in the water. Yes, your little ones will surely enter the water (it’s not dangerous, after all). There are also lots of good shadows to sit with the babies.

> The Cons: If you have little mobility and your kid is younger than 3 years old, consider to bring some friend with you. This because you’ll have to jump in the boat after your kid! 🙂 And it’s not so easy as it seems! That’s my issue with this playground: last summer I was pregnant, so I couldn’t go there without my husband. And now I have my little baby girl, so I’m not able to go there with the kids by myself.

Next, I found Parc de Merl and, until now, it really is my favourite playground! You can find several entrances and it’s easy to park your car at Avenue Pierre Dupong (between Route de Longwy and the ISL).


> The Pros: The parc is really big, with a huge of green area. There are activities for all ages, from a big sandbox for ‘beach playing’, to several swings and slides on a rubbery floor, to even those big slides for the older ones. There is a little cafe by the lake where you can enjoy a good ice cream on sunny days, while your kids can feed the ducks with a little bread.

> The Cons: This spot is recognised by most people as a great spot, so it’s allways crowded. Consider to go there on the morning and avoid Sundays.

Not far from City Centre, you can find Parc de Howald. When coming from City Center to Hesperange, through the Route de Thionville, take Avenue Grand-Duc Jean on your right (just after Ara Petrol Station).

> The Pros: This parc has been recently renovated, so it’s all new. It has lots of playing activities for toddlers and for the older ones. Also, there is a fantastic football play area with synthetic grass. It’s like a little secret, so it’s usually not so crowded as the others (except for Sundays).

> The Cons: There is little shadows, so if it’s a sunny day you should protect your baby very well. You can easily ‘loose’ sight of your kid, as the activities are all over the area and it isn’t a flat area.

Recently, I found a really cute playground. I don’t know the name of it, so I usually call it the Castle Playground. It’s at Rue Charlemagne, between Route de Longwy and Cimitiére de Merl.

> The Pros: It’s really cute! 🙂 It’s a fantastic dream castle, full of little details for kids to play around. During the week days, you can easily find it almost empty.

> The Cons: You can easily ‘loose’ sight of your kid, as it has so many inside castle play areas. All the area is a sandy area, so consider to have your kids full of it by the end of the playing time!

I’ve heard great things about Parc Bambesch, between Beggen and Rollinger Grund, but I haven’t been there yet. I’ll post some comments once I manage to go there.

Finally, I’d also like to mention a little secret: do you know that besides all of these parcs, you can also use the public school playgrounds? Yes, it’s true! The doors are open after school time, so all people can actually use it. And some of them are great.

What about you? Please share your ideas about these and other outdoor playgrounds in and around the city centre.


3 thoughts on “Great playgrounds in the city

  1. Hi there! My husband and I will be moving to Lux from Canada in the very near future. We’ll be visiting next month to see possible places to rent an apartment. My main thing since I won’t be working at the beginning will be to live close to a really cool outdoor playground, but also a good, safe neighborhood. My two boys are 4 years of age and 19 months old. Any suggestions? We’ve never been to Lux and so we’re clueless. Thx so much!


    • Hi! My favourite playground in the city is definitely Parc de Merl. It is in Merl/Belair. This is very near the city centre, walking distance. It’s just a matter of how much you want to spend in renting…
      I must say, in most areas of Luxembourg you’ll feel safe. Only in Gare I really feel a little afraid, as there are so strange people there. If you need any more details of where are the schools, supermarkets, english-speaking parents groups… Just let me know by email: as I’ll be very happy to help! 🙂


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