Spot Review – Let’s play with Poneys

Today we had a lovely morning at ‘Zoly Poney‘, a cozy little farm near Arlon, where kids between 2 and 6 years old can learn more about these so sweet animals.

It’s literally a family business, where you can find quite a variety of farm animals: rabits, chickens, goats, vietnamit pigs, poneys and horses. They all seem very well treated by people who really love animals.

As for the activity in itself, the kids started to learn about how to take care about the poney regarding their daily routines. Then, they helped the owner to prepare the poney for the riding and finally, they started the play activity. It consisted on going around a small playground, with some challenges for each kid: the one riding the poney and the one who’s responsible to teach the poney on what to do.

It was simply great as the kids loved it! Education with a lot of fun!

Au Zoli Poney
La Folie, 10
B-6630 Martelange
Tél.: 00352/691 900 775

Do you know this or other farms where the kids can play with animals? Please share!


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