Spot Review – Swimming Pool in Niederanven



Here in Luxembourg there are a lot of swimming pools, and some of them are really big and worth a visit.

First of all, I must say I’m not a swimming pool kind of person. But when you live in such a country where there are more cold days than sunny days, perspective must change! 😉

The other day we went to Syrdall Schwemm in Niederanven. I was a little skeptic, but I now have to confess: I became a fan! 🙂

It has swimming pools for everyone, from babies to adults, and even a huge slide to add a little fun. The plus? The water is heated at a medium of 33 celsius degrees!

The babies pool is cute with an area where parents can sit with the babies, along with an area for toddlers to play with their toys in a kind of a small river canal and a water vulcano. Then you also find what I called the family pool, a medium size pool where everyone can play around. You can also go out to the exterior part of the pool through a little window placed in the pool. And finnally, for the ‘professionals’, you can find the sports pool.

The negative detail: if you go with small children, you will find the changing rooms too little. There are only 2 of those with a changing mat…

The entry prices are quite reasonable. Children under 7 don’t pay, and you get a €3.50 rate for one hour and a half.

Address: 3, Routscheed, L-6939 Niederanven, Luxembourg
(behind the Centre Commercial “Les Arcades” 141, route de Trèves, L-6940 Niederanven)


3 thoughts on “Spot Review – Swimming Pool in Niederanven

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