Outlets near Luxembourg

Everyone knows that shopping in Luxembourg is quite expensive. Sometimes you can find some bargains here and there, but it’s quite a rare thing.

So, if you’re looking for an outlet shopping center, here are some tips. There are mainly three options near Luxembourg:

The Style Outlet in Zweinbrücken, Germany

This one is my choice from all three, not only because it is really big but specially because some of my favourite brands are there. My favourites are Guess, Gant, Lloys, Converse/Gant, Crocs, Sketchers and Geox. For kids there isn’t much, but at Sketchers and Geox you find very good deals for kids tennis shoes.

Marques Avenue In Metz, France

I’ve heard good reviews about this one, but there’s not a wide variety of brands, so it really depends on your personal preferences.

Shopping Factory Outlet in Messancy, Belgium
I’ve never been to this one, since the reviews I’ve found in the web are quite bad: high prices, low discounts, few people in the stores and even less of those actually buying something.


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