Event: Circus is in town

Are you a fan of circus? If so, there are good news for you! Zaltimbanq, the circus school of Luxembourg is in town during this week and they have several events for families.

Until next 11th of May, the 9th edition of the “Semaine du Cirque sous Chapiteau” will stay at Kirchberg, just next to the Coque.

Tickets can be purchased at http://www.luxembourgticket.lu and the detailed event program can be downloaded directly from the website.


2 thoughts on “Event: Circus is in town

  1. I like circus, especially when children are performing but… I was truly disappointed by the choice of music! How come the performance of children can be accompanied by some musical work where every 20 seconds you hear the f… word??? And then the organisation! I was sitting on the last row and guess what – it appeared that behind the feet there is a gap wide enough to fall in… which my 2 years old son did!!! He fell down from approximately 1,70 m height if not more! Luckily nothing bad happened but if it happened! How come nobody warned about this! Instead of that the light was so poor that it was not possible to notice the gap if you dont really know about it.


    • Hi! Thanks for you feedback. Sorry to hear that things didn’t work as expected. Honestly, I thought that being the Luxembourguish Circus School, it would be better and safer than the traditional ones…


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