Fun At Home – Take 2

Hi there!

As the rainny days are still out there, my kiddo asked me for more ‘funny activities’. Or better this way: “Mommy, what’s the funny activity of today?”. He already assumed there will be several new activities everyday! 😉

Also, a dear new friend of mine asked me for activity ideas for the younger ones. So, I decided it was time to the Washing Station Activity, as it is so easy to each child age and taste: you can come up with a Dish Washing Station, a Cloth Washing Station, a Car Washing Station, a Baby Bath Time Station… Just use your imagination! 🙂

So, for today I started by gathering the following supplies: a container (the ‘station’), water, liquid dishwashing soap, sponges and brushes (different textures), some clothes to wash (I cut a piece of microfiber cloth into 6 small pieces) and some colourful clothes pins.

Then, just call your children to play and let them have fun! 🙂

Let they experience new textures and feelings and at the same time, they feel like they’re doing some grown-up activity! Explain them how to use the different sponges and brushes so they can learn the differences. Also, explain them how to properly wash the items. By the end, there’s another fun activity: to hang the clothes with the clothes pins! A great fine motor skills activity, especially for toddlers. It’s so simple and yet it can be so hard for a little one…



2 thoughts on “Fun At Home – Take 2

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