Fun At Home – Take 3

As here we had another rainy weekend, I desperately needed to come up with a few more funny activities for my 3 year old boy! Especially when he’s starting to be soooo tired of not going to the playground out there!

The other day I went to Cactus hypermarket at La Belle Etoile shopping center, and I decided to have a quick look at the arts and crafts section. I bought the following items: a blank styrofoam airplane, some wood letter beads and some blue mosaic beads. So, on my quest for new activities, I chose some where I could use those new items.

As for the Airplane Painting activity, the items needed were as following:
– Styrofoam airplane
– Child-friendly paintings
– Brushes

As for the activity in itself, just let the child do whatever he/she wants! 🙂 when it comes to painting stuff, they naturally know what to do! 🙂

Then, we’ve done a Letter Matching activity. I used the following items:
– A piece of paper where I wrote my boy’s name
– Some plastic letters to match
– Some wood letter beads to match
– An elastic wire

As for the activity, I started by asking my boy to match the plastic letters to the name written in the piece of paper. Then, I asked the same exercise with the letter beads, and this time we also compared the difference between bigger and smaller shapes. Finally, I asked him to put the beads into the elastic wire, in the correct order and then I closed it with a knot to make a cute purse. This way we had an educational exercise with a gift at the end! 🙂



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