Calming a baby – Swaddling

One very effective method of calming a baby is to swaddle him. Swaddling consists basically of wrapping your baby in a soft and warm blanket in such a way that his arms are tight but the rest of his little body is comfortable enough to move if needed.

You can also try the new easier solutions to wrap the baby. I’m a huge fan of SwaddleMe. It’s very easy to use, even when the baby is very fussy. My baby girl used it most of the day and especially to sleep, until she was 6 months old.

However, most of the times, just swaddling isn’t enough. Besides that, you should use the 5 S’s technique defended by Dr. Harvey Karp:
Pediatrician Harvey N. Karp tells parents to use his “Five S’s”—which simulate the womb’s environment—to turn on an infant’s calming reflex and help her sleep longer. Tip: Practice with a doll or sleeping baby.

– Swaddling – Wrap the baby securely in a blanket with his arms tucked inside.

– Side/stomach position – Hold the baby snugly in your arms on his side or stomach.

– Shushing sounds – Make yourself the sound of ‘sush’ or use white-noise machines, humidifiers, fans, vacuums, etc. The shushing should be as loud as the baby’s crying.

– Swinging – Sit yourself, put your baby in his side/stomach position and balance him slightly but effectively, without holding his head (you should just protect his head from balancing too much).

– Sucking – Let your baby suck on your finger or a pacifier.

You may learn more about this technique watching the following video:


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