Today – Pampers Wipes deal spotted

Hi every mom and dad living in Luxembourg! This post is for you! I’m always looking for the best deal for those expensive items we have to by every single month for our babies: diapers and wipes.

Sometimes I buy it at the DM Drogerie in Trier, but only if I’m visiting the city. I don’t go there just for grocery shopping. So, I’m always waiting for a new good deal to buy in bulk in the Grand-Duchy, and there are some, believe me! 🙂

When it comes to wipes and diapers, I personally prefer Pampers! And that’s the deal of today.

I spotted at Auchan the following deal:

Box with 9 packages of Pampers Wipes (sensitive or normal)

> Price per diaper: €14,40/(9*56) = €0,027

Hope is information helps you too! 🙂


One thought on “Today – Pampers Wipes deal spotted

  1. Hi this is shopping related. As a mum of three (5,3 and 16mths) I try hard to do the shopping without kids as the experience is always stressful. But this is made worst by shopping trolleys (carts) that are outside, with wet seats that have no straps to keep the children safe. That are only designed for one child. When my youngest was in the maxi cosi Id have to balance it on top of the trolley
    . Also no parent parking. Why oh why is this? Do the supermarkets here not recognise that Mum’s are one of their largest target bases?
    When I go back to the UK the supermarkets there make it so much easier for parents.
    They have a variety of carts, all undercover, ample parent parking so you don’t have to park miles away then struggle with the kids.
    I tried a couple of years ago to contact Cactus and Auchan without much success.
    Wondered whether you’d be interested in helping?
    Try and make a difference as its about time parents were recognised.


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