Breastfeeding – Tips for success

Being able to breastfeeding a baby is one the most rewarding things in life a woman can face (besides being a mother, of course!). I really don’t understand how is it possible some mothers simply decide not even try it. It is not only the best nutrition for the baby’s development, but also the best solution for the mother when recovering from the pregnancy. And it is so delicious seeing those little things becoming so relaxing after a good ‘meal’… 😉 Amazing!!

However, I understand that breastfeeding is not always easy and there are some crucial moments when you could face some strong doubts whether to continue or not:

Crucial Moment Number 1: The first moments with my baby. Am I going to be successfull doing it?

> At this point, you should accept all the precious help from the nurses at the hospital. They will be more than happy to help you and your little one at this first steps knowing each other.

> It is perfectly ok if your baby is sleepy. You’ll have to use your imagination to find the best way to awake him in order to breastfeed him every couple of hours.

Crucial Moment Number 2: How can I possibly know the best position to breastfeeding my baby?

> You won’t be able to answer this question from the first moment. Instead, you will learn it, gradually, with your baby. You should simply relax and use a trial-basis approach to each position until you feel you are quite confident doing it.

> Most important of all, you need to be comfortable! As well as your baby, of course!

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Crucial Moment Number 3. What should I expect from the first days of breastfeeding?

> I think those moments would really depends on each woman’s own experience. And even more between a first and a second baby. However, there are some common ‘stages’:

> Nipple sensitivity is one of those challenging moments. You could use some appropriate cream to moist the area (e.g. Bepanthene Ointment or Uriage Bariéderm). This would minimize cracked nipples or even bleeding.

> By day 3 or 4 after the birth, the milk ‘comes in’. By this time you should feel a heaviness in your breasts (this is quite a phenomenon, it always surprises me!!). Feeding as frequently as possible would be the best solution to avoid more discomfort. Also, a warm shower or hot gel pads would be very helpful.

Crucial Moment Number 4. What to do when I’m feeling exhausted or a lack of confidence?

Even after the first couple of weeks, you’ll feel every now and then a bit of a weakness feeling. It’s perfectly natural that you doubt yourself and your hability to breastfeeding. Most important of all, if you are really into it, and decided to go further, you need to gather all your interior forces and continue. Unless very specific and exceptional medical conditions, your body will continue to produce all the milk your baby asks for. Even when they seem reluctant or a little cruncky, it’s just their own way to grow and adapt to this new environment challenges. Ask for professional help (nurses from the maternity), go to breastfeeding groups (La Leche Legue, for example), talk to other moms…

Breastfeeding is great to every mom who really wants to do it. But of course, if you don’t want to or you don’t feel enough confidence to continue, it’s only up to you and there are lots of formula milk brands to feed your baby. And they will grow healthly anyway. It’s only up to you. Just make sure that you understand that the moment you decide to stop there is no way back…

What about the other moms in the block? Any other good ideas to share?


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding – Tips for success

  1. well I just want to point out that the more you breastfeed your baby, the more milk your breast produces. so don’t think of “keeping” some milk for the night feed or something!
    I personally had very sore nipples, engoreged breasts that turned to a breast abscess before I know it!
    symptoms and signs of breast abscess are basically engorged red breast (probably only one breast sector will be red) and FEVER.
    so the best way to avoid it is by regularly emptying your breast. wether by feeding your baby or pumping.

    the best solution for this is to see a doctor of course. but since I am a doctor myself, I can tell you what the dr will tell you:
    1- prescribe an antibiotic
    2- empty the affected breast by pumping, anf feed your baby from the healthy breast.
    3- hot foments on your breast might help
    4- wear a good bra for good breast support. that should ease the pain
    5- drink plenty of fluids. fluids help reduce fever and will keep the milk coming so you don’t go dry.

    after all, here I am, recovered from a breast abscess and still breast feeding my child who is 16 months old now! so don’t give up 🙂


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