Shoes or socks?

Hi! With these rainy days around here, it just came to my mind the image of outdoor activities with kids.

Fortunately there are quite a few places where to take the kids, but there is one simple detail always worring me: my little boy looks like Speedy Gonzales all the time, as he has this endless energy. This is actually a good thing, but also a constant worry, as we never know when he’ll slip on the floor once again.

So, we always use this Decathlon gymn shoes as it seems the very best solution: they are comfortable as if you were wearing a good pair of socks, but at the same time its rubbery sole makes it actually safer, by no doubt. We use it since he started crawling, as there are also smaller ones for babies.

On the other hand, we also have a very good ‘friend’ when it comes to swimming pools. These old-school beach sandals are a great help to prevent accidents by the swimming pool. Sometimes, simple solutions are the best, right?



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