Apple picking in Steinsel


Hi there!
Today I head to Steinsel to have some fun in family with apple picking. I’ve done it during all my childhood as my grandparents used to live in a little farm. I remember it was always great fun so I was very glad to be able to do it here with my kids!

Here is a summary description of the event:

What: Steinsel Apple Festival (“Fête des Pommes”)

When: 28th and 29th September / 5th and 6th October / 12th and 13th October (10am to 6pm)

Where: Steinsel. Once in Steinsel, follow the tiny signs to the orchards (“Vergers de Steinsel”). It is on top of the hill (with very nice views during the journey, by the way). There is a big parking lot by the entrance, so no need to park by the road as many others.

How: The entrance is free. Just pop by with one or more reusable bags (the Valor Lux shopping bags are perfect). In case you miss the bags, there are small paper boxes to buy there for just 0,50€. You can also add a little more fun by taking one of the wheellbarrows at the entrance. The kids will love to go on top of it! 🙂 Then, follow the crowds into the orchards. After picking the apples, on the way back, you’ll find some tents where you’ll be able to weigh it and buy the apples at a very competitive price. There are also other local products available, like apple juice (freshly pressed in front of you), huge pumpkins, potatoes and others.


8 thoughts on “Apple picking in Steinsel

  1. Hi there,

    I know this post is a tad old but I haven’t managed to find a shred of information for this years’ “Fête des Pommes”, do you know if they manage to do any advertising or where to find the orchards in Steinsel ?


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