Pumpkin Activity


Today’s main activity was carving a pumpkin with my boy! 🙂

I’ve found a cute little pumpkin at Auchan for €1,50 and thought ‘Why not?’. Then I googled on how to do it and voilá! A carved pumpkin it is! 😉 Yes, I have to confess: It was my first time doing it! 🙂

So, I follow the simpler instructions I got:

1. With a sharp little knife, I cut a hole on the up side of the pumpkin, like a hat.

2. With a melon scoop, I then carved all the interior of the pumpkin. This can actually be a very educational process for the little curious minds as we can explain them what are all the components of the pumpkins. Very simple for us, but quite complex for them!

3. Now it’s time to make the eyes, nose and mouth. I gave a pencil to my boy and let him draw in the pumpkin. Then, with the sharp knife again, I carefully carved the holes.

4. Finally, I placed a small candle inside it. Please don’t forget to take the hat off the pumpkin otherwise the candle won’t ‘breathe’ 😉

What a great and easy indoor Halloween activity, don’t you think?!


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