Swimming and Pizza


Hi there! Today’s activities included swimming pool and pizza! What not to like about it, right? 🙂

So, I chose Les Thermes as the perfect location for today’s swimming activity. I don’t go there as often as I go to the Niederanven’s one, as it is usually very crowded. And this week with the school holidays it wasn’t an exception of course! But in fact there are a few highlights that make me feel more comfortable and secure at Les Thermes:

– All the floor in and out the swimming pools is covered with this non slipping material. Of course it still is quite dangerous for little runners, but at least is safer that a regular floor.

– The baby pool is really cute and is usually full of swimming toys.

– The water is really, but really, warm (I’m always with cold and I feel quite comfortable there).

The only thing down I would point out is the price. I mean, it isn’t that expensive but comparing to the Niederanven’s swimming pool… It is almost twice the price!

Then, for lunch time, we went to Pizza Hut at Strassen. It’s totally kids friendly, not only because of the menu, but also because of the small indoor playground. Just ask for a table by the entrance and you can relax a little while your kiddos play.


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