Free indoor playground?


Today the weather was great for outdoor activities, but I had already scheduled a visit to the Tramway and Bus Museum of Luxembourg City. And I’m very glad I did! 🙂

Dear mums and dads, this place is a very well kept secret! Once we get there, a group of 6 mums and 8 small kids, the man in charge received us with this genuine big smile. Common here in Luxembourg? Don’t think so… By the way, we were the only visitors!

There are several real antique samples of tramways and buses waiting for the little ones to try. Also, this place has huge windows so there is a wonderful natural light.

So, besides some transportation history, this place is actually a great and free indoor playground! Especially for boys!

Also, three of the buses are available for private events. For about €200 you can have the bus with a driver for small distances.

Opening times: Thursdays from 1.30 PM to 5.30 PM. Saturdays, Sundays and legal public holidays from 10 AM to 6 PM. Closed 1st November, Week-End before Christmas till 15th January.

Address: 63, rue de Bouillon, L-1248 Luxembourg (next to Bouillon P+R).


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