Thank You Luxembourg!


Today, I felt very special of being part of the expat community living in Luxembourg, so I was really wondering to share it here with you.

Me and my family were invited by the commune to plant a tree in honour of our baby’s first year in what they call Kannerbësch (it’s like a small forest for the children). It’s seems like every year all the parents of children born the year before are invited to plant a tree there. Then, the bourgomaster (the communes’s elected president) speak to the community and everyone is offered a beverage and a pastry.

How simple is it to implement? And how powerful and meaningful can be for the parents? It’s great to imagine that one day in the future, my baby girl can go there as an grown-up and ‘recognise’ her own tree! 🙂

So, my words today are: “Thank You Luxembourg for making us feeling welcome here!”



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