Family Agenda for the Weekend – 3rd & 4th May

Party at the Ostrich Farm, Filsdorf
When: Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 8pm
Why: A lot of fun, including music, animation, local food and the funny animals.
Price: Free
Address: Straussefarm Marcel Wildgen, 9 am Eck, L-5741 Filsdorf.
More information:

Dancing Show, Ettelbruck
When: Several shows during the weekend
Why: A different kind of dancing show using no words. It is called “Danse étoffée sur musique déguisée” and it is meant to be especially for little ones between 4 and 8 years old.
Price: Adults €10, Children €5
Address: Centre des Arts Pluriels d’Ettelbruck, 1 place Marie-Adélaïde, L-9063 Ettelbruck.
Reservations and more info: tel. 268121-304

Sunday at the museum, Luxembourg centre
When: Sunday, 4th May, from 3pm to 5pm
Why: Children can participate in a 3D workshop while the parents visit the museum.
Price: Adults €5, Children free.
Reservations: tel. 4796 4900 or e-mail

Mini-Schueberfouer in Differdange
When: until 11th May
Address: Parking du Contournement, Differdange

Circus in Kirchberg
When: Until 3rd May, several shows
Address: rue Léon Hengen (behind “Le Coque”).
More information:


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