Family Agenda for the Weekend – 31st May & 1 June

Bees at Beckerich
When: Saturday, 31st May
Where: Biekerecher Millen. 103, Huewelerstrooss, L-8521 Beckerich.
Why: Free guided visits to a ‘house of bees’ at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. To reserve your place: 23 63 04 74 or e-mail (Filbig Francis)
There will be also a local produce fair and animations. For more information:

Night at the forest
When: 31st May
Where: Esch/Alzette Forest. Centre d’accueil Ellergronn, Esch/Alzette.
Why: A great opportunity for teenagers to learn some survival tecniques, away from technologies! To reserve a place, you should contact Pol Zimmermann or Raphael Fiegen: tel 26 54 42 1 or e-mail

Sheep Weeks at Robbesscheier
When: 31st May to 15th June
Where: Robbesscheier Tourist Center, Clervaux
Why: A package full of fun including: shearing of the sheep, feeding the animals… Or even a donkey ride. Full program at

Concert at the Abbey
When: Sunday, 1st June at 5pm
Where: Neumünster Abbey
Why: The Colour of Song is a promissing show organized by the Voices International group. Children are welcome and will have free entry (up to 8yo). Adults: €16, Students: €12. More information at

Sunday at the Museum
When: Sunday, 1st June, 3pm to 5pm
Where: National Museum of History of Luxembourg City
Why: Parents can visit the museum while the kids are entertained with a mosaic workshop. Free entrance to kids. For reservations: 4796 4900) or e-mail

Speed Cars at Belle Étoile
When: Until 31st May
Where: Belle Étoile Shopping Centre, route d’Arlon, L-8050 Bertrange
Why: If you have a little one who loves cars, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to show him the real ones. Also, there will be a car race simulator on site (30th and 31st May).


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