Good to Know: Hiring a Nanny in Luxembourg (Printables)

Good to Know

A few days ago, I shared with you some information on how to hire a babysitter in Luxembourg (

As a complement for that, I’m happy to share with you all some printables I personally use to make my life easier every time I need to hire a nanny either for a couple of hours or for a more regular type of contract:

1. Babysitter Checklist

This template is good to list all important information about you and your child. It is like a reference guide to the babysitter and includes some info on existing routines/home rules, plus very important health details (to be used in case of an emergency).


2. Babysitting Log

This template is very easy to be quickly filled in by the babysitter and it will provide you a detailed report about what happened to your child during the time you were away. Instead of trying to get as much information as you can right after you’re back home, you can just read it afterwards.


Hope it will be as useful for you as it is for me!!


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