Good to Know:

Good to Know

If you’ve been living in Luxembourg for a couple of months, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already noticed about the poor customer services offered by many businesses. Honestly, I don’t understand why, as Luxembourg is such a beautiful country to live in so many aspects with such a high standard of living. Well, maybe in fact that is the real problem: the average high standard of living… Sales people just don’t care… But, of course, as always, there are very good exceptions here and there! 🙂

Back in my home country, we have a fairly good system that allows customers to claim about a bad service. For example, if you are in a restaurant and you are not happy at all about the food, and the waiter or the owner refuses to replace it, you can ask for the “red book of claims” and fill in a double paper (with a registry number). Once filled in, you get one for you and the restaurant owner is forced to send the other to the claim public office as it has a registry number and they are checked very often. With those official claims, the restaurant can get sanctions from the claim office and bad reputation of course… So they try to offer a good customer service as often as they can! 🙂 Good for everyone!

However, good news for whoever wants to share good and bad experiences in Luxembourg. It’s a small step, a web page where you can complain about a service, but I believe it can give a good contribution to Luxembourg customer service levels:

If you know about any other tips on this field, please share!


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