Good to Know: Cinderella Movie

One of the movies I’m waiting to watch in the coming weeks is Cinderella. True, this Disney played a very special role as part of my childhood fairytales, so for sure I will have to watch it in the big screen!

Downton Abbey‘s Lily James stars in the title role in the live action pic and Cate Blanchett plays very evil stepmother, Lady Tremaine. Helena Bonham-Carter also stars as the Fairy Godmother, along with Richard Madden as the Prince, Derek Jacobi as the King, and Stellan Skarsgård as the King’s scheming adviser.

The avant-première will take place on Sunday, 15th March, at 10h30 (Kirchberg and Belval) and original version will be available. Price tickets for this special event are fixed at €15 (for all ages) as €8 will be reverted for charity (Association Luxembourgeoise des Œuvres du Rotary). You can already buy your ticket on site or online.


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