Short distance days out during Spring and Summer

[versão portuguesa abaixo]

During the last few days, there were several facebook discussions on short distance days out for the Spring and Summer. So, here is a list of all information gathered and some additional details collected from the internet. I’ve also included some insider tips from those I already know 😉 Please use the comments box below to share some other ideas or useful tips. Enjoy!


Name: Bastogne Description: Ideal for older kids who love history, Bastogne offers the opportunity to visit the Barracks and the War Museum, both full of real military equipment. Address: (Barracks) Rue de La Roche, 40 – 6600 Bastogne, Belgium; (War Museum) Bastogne War Museum, Colline du Mardasson 5, 6600 Bastogne, Belgium Opening Times: Open all year round, subject to the specific opening times of each museum Distance: 80km (aprox. 1h) Website: and

Name: Buoillon Castle Description: The castle in Bouillion Belgium is a great day out – they have falconer who puts on numerous shows per day (in French and Flemish) and there are plenty of nooks and crannies in the chateau for kids to explore. Then, down in the village, there are quite a few good restaurants along the river, and a bike path along the river as well. Address: Château Fort, Esplanade Godefroid 1, 6830 Bouillon, Belgium Opening Times: The castle is open almost all year round, except for a few pre-defined days ( The falconry show is run from 1st March to 11th November. During Easter holiday there will be a special night tour. Distance: 100km (aprox. 1h) Website:

Name: Domain of the Caves of Han Description: A village literally turned into a kind of an amusement park, with a 1h45 tour into the caves in a 1 century old tram, playgrounds and a wild reserve where you can seven spend the night with the bears! Address: Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium Opening Times: Opened everyday from April till the end of October, plus some pre-defined days in March, November and December (for details, please click on Distance: 110km (aprox. 1h) Website:

Name: Eurospace Description: A very nice discovery center for older kids with tons of space-related experiences. Address: 1, rue Devant les Hêtres • B-6890 Transinne, Belgium Opening Times: It is open all year round, except for specific dates ( Distance: 92km (aprox. 1h) Website:

Name: Le Parc à Gibier Description: Nice wildlife park with lots of forest animals in their natural habitat. Address: Chemin du Parc à Gibier 1, 6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium Opening Times: Easter time till the start of November (every day from 10am to 5pm), start of November till Easter time (weekends and school holidays, from 10am to 5pm), July and August (every day from 10am to 6pm). Closed on 01/01, 15/03 and 25/12. Distance: 120km (aprox. 1h20min) Website:

Name: Oceade Water Park Description: It claims to be Belgium’s number 1 water park, with dozens of water slides, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and other services. Address: Avenue du Football et du Championnat 3, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium Opening Times: It is open all year round, except for pre-defined days ( Distance: 225km (aprox. 2h20min) Website:

Name: Parc Animalier Bouillon Description: Very nice wildlife park with lots of animals and open space to run, including playground areas. Address: Chemin de Chanteraine – B-6830 Bouillon, Belgium Opening Times: Open all year round. High season, from 9am to 8pm and low season, from 9am to 5pm. Distance: 100km (aprox. 1h) Website:

Name: PlopsaCoo Description: Amusement park with attractions for all age ranges, several playground and a little farm. Address: Thier de Coo 4, 4970 Stavelot, Belgium Opening Times: 4th April, 2015 to 31st August, 2015 + weekends in September and October + first week of November (details at Distance: 140km (aprox. 1h30m) Website:

Name: Technopolis Description: This is kind of a science museum with lots of cool experiences for older kids. Address: Technopolis, Technologielaan, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium Opening Times: It is open all year round, from 9:30am to 5pm, except during the first full working week in September, 25/12 and 01/01. Distance: 230km (aprox. 2h) Website:

Name: Zwin (“International Airport of Birds”) Description: Huge natural reserve by the beach with the perfect scenario to watch the many, many bird species that use this place as their “International Airport” to make a pause in between migrations. Address: The Zwin, 8300 Knokke-Heist Opening Times: All year round. Currently it has some construction works going on, with limited access, but it is predicted to be all set in April, 2015. Distance: 345km (aprox. 3h40min) Website:


Name: Ardennes Aventures Description: More suitable for families with older kids, but still a lot of fun for all family. This adventure park is full of activities, including kayak, rafting, paintball, 4×4 and horse riding. Address: Rue de l’Eglise 35, 6980 La Roche-En-Ardenne, Belgium Opening Times: Summer Distance: 115km (aprox. 1h15min) Website:

Name: Fraispertuis City Description: Nice amusement park with rides for all ages. Address: 50, rue de la Colline des Eaux, 88700 Jeanménil, France Opening Times: The park will be open during a few days in April, May, June and September and all months of July and August (details can be found at Distance: 200km (aprox. 2h20min) Website:

Name: Parc Animalier Sainte-Croix Description: Really nice wildlife park where you can even have a unique opportunity and stay overnight in a nice tree-house or a forest cabin. Address: Route de Sainte-Croix, 57810 Rhodes, France Opening Times: From 3rd April to 15th November ( Distance: 150km (aprox. 2h) Website:

Name: Walygator Parc Description: Really nice amusement park, full of fun activities for little kids. Address: 57280 Maizières-lès-Metz, France Opening Times: From April to October, except for specific dates ( Distance: 60km (1h) Website:

Name: Zoo d’Amneville Description: One of the biggest zoo’s in Europe. You can easily spend all day there. A special mention to the new show for the 2015 season, “Tiger World” featured by 1 man and 10 tigers (seems promising). Address: 1 rue du Tigre – 57360 AMNÉVILLE (between METZ and THIONVILLE) Opening Times: Open every day of the year, except for show (11th Feb to 11th Nov) Distance: 55km (aprox. 45min) Website:


Name: Eifel Park Description: This is a very nice wildlife park with a twist of an amusement park with a few rides for all ages. On site you will find several playgrounds and restaurants, but no ATM machines, nor payments are accepted with bank card once you get into the park, so make sure you bring some cash with you. Address: Weißstr. 12, 54647 Gondorf Opening Times: The park is open all year round, but Spring and Summer are definitely the best times to visit it. Distance: 70km (aprox 1h) Website:

Name: Flight Exhibition “Flugausstellung” Description: For airplane lovers of all ages Address: Habersberg 1, Hunsrückhöhenstr. (B327), 54411 Hermeskeil II Opening Times: 1st April, 2015 to 1st November, 2015 (10am to 6pm). Distance: 80km (aprox. 50min) Website:

Name: Europa Park Description: A very well known amusement park with attractions for all ages. Address: Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust Opening Times: It is open all year round except for a few weeks between January and March and some specific dates Distance: 270km (aprox. 2h40min) Website:

Name: Phantasialand Description: A very good amusement park with plenty of fun for the little ones. Just a little insider tip for the little ones who love face painting: you can find our face painter at the mobile stand at Kaiserplatz square, or if it’s raining, at the covered pavilion at the Wintergarten. Address: Schmidt-Löffelhardt GmbH & Co. KG, Berggeiststraße 31-41, 50321 Brühl Opening Times: From 28th March till the end of October Distance: 200km (aprox. 2h) Website:

Name: Legoland Description: For all fans of Lego, this amusement park is a must. The on-site hotel is a must for a one time stay. Address: LEGOLAND ALLEE, 89312 Günzburg, Germany Opening Times: It’s open from 28th March till 8th November, from 10am to 6pm. Distance: 400km (aprox. 4h) Website:

Name: Playmobil Description: For all fans of Playmobil, this amusement park is promising. Address: Brandstätterstraße 2-10, 90513 Zirndorf, Germany Opening Times: It’s open all year round, but only during Spring and Summer you will get the whole fun with all rides open. Distance: 430km (4h15min) Website:

Name: Prehestoric Museum “Gondwana” Description: A very interesting museum with some impressive real size dinosaur figures. Address: Bildstockstraße, 66578 Schiffweiler (Saarland) Opening Times: It is open all year round, except for pre-defined dates ( Distance: 95km (aprox. 1h) Website:

Name: Alpine Coaster Triolago Description: All-weather toboggan run, 1200m long with lift and a valley station with restaurant. It is part of the complex Triolago with hotels, lake “beach”, mni-golf, playgrounds, restaurants, camping and much more. Address: Zur Talstation 1, D – 54340 Riol Opening Times: All year round (some of the other activities are opened only during the Summer). Distance: 60km (aprox. 45min). Website:


Name: Windmill village of Zaanse Haus Description: A cute little town full of the traditional windmills. Ideal to visit on foot or by boat. Address: Zaanse Haus, The Netherlands Opening Times: Open all year round Distance: 420km (aprox. 4h) Website:

Name: Madurodam Description: A really nice park full of miniatures of the most famous spots in the Netherlands. There is an onsite restaurant with little playcorners. Address: George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ Den Haag, The Netherlands Opening Times: It is open all year round, except for selected dates ( Distance: 380km (3h40min) Website:

Name: Efteling Description: Fairytale-style amusement park, with tons of attractions for all ages. You can also stay overnight in special themed accommodation. Address: Europalaan 1, Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands Opening Times: It is open all year round ( Distance: 330km (aprox. 3h15min) Website:

Name: Valkenier Park Description: It’s an amusement with lots of fun rides for young kids. Address: Koningswinkelstraat 53 , 6301 WH Valkenburg a/d Geul Opening Times: From April to October, except during specific dates ( Distance: 205km (aprox. 2h) Website:

Name: Beach houses in Zeeland Description: A unique opportunity to stay overnight in these typical beach houses, overlooking the vast sea. Address: Zeeland, The Netherlands Opening Times: Open all year round Distance: 320km (aprox. 3h) Website:


Name: Parc Merveilleux Description: This is a really nice wildlife park, just outside Luxembourg city. With plenty of space to run and several playground and crazy little goats, Parc Merveilleux should definitely be one of those spots to go often. Plus, you can buy little bags of food for a selected list of friendly animals at the local shop. Address: route de Mondorf, L-3260 Bettembourg Opening Times: It’s open from 28th March to 11th October, from 9:30am to 6pm Distance: 15km (aprox. 15min) Website:

Name: Butterfly Garden Description: This place was a really nice finding. Although not really big, the Butterfly Garden is beautiful and homes plenty of different species, giving children a great opportunity to learn more about the life cycle of cute butterflies. After the visit, you can drive just about 1km to reach the boats area in Grevenmacher. There, just next to the parking lot, you will find a really nice playground with a relaxing view of the Moselle. Address: Route de Trèves | L-6793 Grevenmacher Opening Times: It is open from 1st April to 31st October, from 9:30am to 5pm. Distance: 36km (aprox. 20min) Website:

Name: Aquarium Description: Although it’s not as big as many others in Europe, this is a nice aquarium with many sweetwater-fishes. Next to the aquarium you can also find a really nice playground. Address: Centre de loisirs Wasserbillig, rue des Pépinères/Promenade de la Sûre, L-6645 Wasserbillig, Luxembourg Opening Times: Distance: 40km (aprox. 30min) Website:

Name: Lake Echternach Description: Nice for a picnic and a walk round the lake with a good playground (fenced), ducks to feed and trampolines during the Summer. You can also have a relaxed lunch at the hostel (buffet style). There is also a Delhaize supermarket right next to the main parking lot, in case you decide for a last minute picnic. Address: Echternach Opening Times: Open all year round. Distance: 40km (aprox. 40min)

Name: Camping Birkelt Description: A really nice and family friendly camping site where you also have the option to rent a comfortable mobile home. Plenty for playgrounds and 2 swimming pools complete the scenario. Also, a brand new indoor playground was recently added. Address: 1, Um Birkelt, L-7633, Larochette Opening Times: All year round. Distance: 35km (aprox. 35min) Website:

Name: Circular Walk “Klangwee Hoscheid” Description: It’s a sound trail with musical instruments along the way for the kids to play with. The official sonorous trail is about 6,5km long and comprised of 17 stations (Start at parking City Hall Hoscheid). A 3 hour guided tour can be booked ( Just note that it might be too long for younger kids. Address: Hoscheid Opening Times: Open all year round. Distance: 44km (aprox. 45min) Website:

Name: Boat Tour in Remich Description: Navitours Address: Remich Opening Times: For more information, you should visit the website of Navitours. Distance: 20km (aprox. 20min) Website:

Name: Vianden Castle Description: To combine with some snacks at the Cinema Café (delicious café and cartoons on the screen). During the Summer, if the weather permits, the swimming pool has the perfect scenario. Address: Vianden Opening Times: Open all year round, except for specific dates ( Distance: 50km (aprox. 50min) Website:


[Artigo completo em Português, na página do Contacto]

Miniaturas e moinhos

Um dos locais mais bonitos para visitar os tradicionais moinhos holandeses fica na pequena cidade de Zaanse Schans. A melhor forma de a visitar é sem dúvida a pé ou de barco. A cerca de 70km (em direcção ao Luxemburgo), outro espaço único espera por si. Em Haia, o Madurodam é um parque repleto de réplicas das atracções turísticas da Holanda, em miniatura, numa escala de 1:25.

Dica Útil: Para visitar os moinhos, consulte a página de internet indicada abaixo, onde poderá encontrar toda a informação actualizada ao momento (horários, preços, endereço…). No Madurodam encontrará um restaurante para almoçar, o qual oferece também espaços de brincadeira para os mais pequenos se entreterem durante e após a refeição.

Endereço (moinhos): Zaanse Schans, Holanda

Endereço (Madurodam): Madurodam, George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ Den Haag, Holanda

Distância aprox. 400km

Mais informações em: e


A ver o mar em Zeeland

A costa holandesa é uma das mais premiadas em toda a Europa pela limpeza da área e qualidade do mar. Embora a água não seja tão convidativa a banhos como nas nossas praias portuguesas, a paisagem local é única e oferece a oportunidade de ficar a dormir literalmente em cima da praia. As típicas casas holandesas na praia têm todas as comodidades necessárias para uma experiência bem diferente.

Dica Útil: Não se deixe intimidar pela barreira linguística e leve consigo algumas “cábulas” em inglês.

Endereço: 4354 Vrouwenpolder, Holanda

Distância aprox. 340km

Mais informações em:

Park Efteling
Park Efteling
Arquivo LW

Magia numa floresta encantada

Efteling é um parque temático bem ao estilo de uma floresta encantada e que oferece uma oportunidade única de pernoitar numa das muitas opções de alojamento criadas sob o mesmo tema. Várias são as atracções disponíveis para todas as idades.

Dica Útil: Se tiver flexibilidade de datas, tente a sua sorte ao reservar em cima da hora. A partir da página de internet, seleccione ‘Promotions’ e verifique as datas disponíveis a preços mais competitivos.

Endereço: Efteling, Europalaan 1, 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel, Holanda

Distância aprox. 330km

Mais informações em:

Foto: Véronique Muller-Kesseler

Bruges e Zwin

A pitoresca cidade de Bruges oferece uma excelente oportunidade para um passeio em cidade combinado com uma visita até à costa belga. Um passeio de barco pelos muitos canais certamente irá agradar a todos e é uma forma de visitar quase toda a cidade. A cerca de 25km poderá encontrar o magnífico parque natural Zwin, também conhecido como “Aeroporto Internacional das Aves”. Por lá encontrará vários circuitos que poderá percorrer a pé ou de bicicleta, sempre junto ao mar, e admirar o parque.

Dica Útil: Suba os 366 degraus da torre Belfort, na praça principal de Bruges (Markt) e será agradavelmente surpreendido com a melhor vista da cidade.

Endereço (Zwin): 8300 Knokke-Heist, Bélgica

Distância aprox. 300km

Mais informações em:

Foto: p.-j. vt.

Bastogne e América

Para famílias com crianças mais crescidas, especialmente aquelas que adoram história, a cidade de Bastogne tem muito que se lhe diga, a começar pelas “Barracks” e o Museu da Guerra, onde encontrará muitos veículos militares e equipamentos reais.

Dica Útil: Aproveite as visitas guiadas dos museus (algumas são mesmo gratuitas).

Endereço (Barracks): Rue de La Roche, 40 – 6600 Bastogne, Bélgica

Endereço (Museu da Guerra): Bastogne War Museum, Colline du Mardasson 5, 6600 Bastogne, Bélgica

Distância aprox. 86km

Mais informações em: e

Parque de Sainte-Croix
Parque de Sainte-Croix
Foto: Jochen Kuttler

Dormir junto dos lobos

A partir do próximo dia 3 de Abril, o Parc Animalier Sainte-Croix reabre as suas portas ao público e oferece a oportunidade única de dormir numa casa no cimo de uma árvore ou numa tenda no meio da floresta. São 15 as opções de alojamento à sua disposição e que prometem uma experiência a não esquecer.

Dica Útil: Durante as férias da Páscoa haverá eventos especiais, incluindo uma caça aos ovos e um espectáculo para crianças.

Endereço: Route de Sainte-Croix, 57810 Rhodes, França

Distância aprox. 140km

Mais informações em:

Aquamundo, Center Parcs des Trois forêts
Aquamundo, Center Parcs des Trois forêts

CenterParcs Les Trois Forêts

O conceito Center Parcs é bem conhecido pela qualidade das instalações e pela variedade de actividades para toda a família, onde se destaca o “Aqua Mundo”, um imenso espaço aquático interior onde é recreado um ambiente tropical, seja qual for o tempo lá fora. Em particular, o Center Parc Les Trois Forêts, um dos mais próximos do Grão-Ducado, é também aquele que mais prima pela qualidade de serviço. Basta alugar uma das pequenas casas de férias e usufruir do espaço.

Dica Útil: Leve consigo lençóis e toalhas de banho, uma vez que estes representam um custo adicional. A poucos quilómetros do parque encontrará um supermercado Intermarché (Sarrebourg).

Endereço: 1 Rue de Bertrambois, 57790 Hattigny, France

Distância aprox. 160km

Mais informações em:

Disneyland de Paris
Disneyland de Paris

Disneyland Paris em modo low-cost

Se procura soluções mais económicas para levar a sua família a Paris, procure um apartamento na zona de Serris. Esta localidade fica apenas a cerca de 10 minutos de autocarro até ao parque (transporte gratuito). Aproveite também as promoções online para adquirir os bilhetes de acesso ao parque (procure por “vente flash” na bilheteira da Fnac, por exemplo).

Dica Útil: Em Serris encontrará também um grande espaço outlet (La Valée Village), junto ao grande centro comercial Val d’Europe, com todas as comodidades.

Distância aprox. 340km

Mais informações em: e e

Foto: Arquivo LW


O Europa-Park é o maior parque temático da Alemanha e reabre as suas portas no final do mês de Março, com muitas novidades. Embora seja um parque muito procurado, é claramente uma excelente opção para fugir ao excesso de confusão de outros parques temáticos da Europa, e prima pela organização em geral.

Dica Útil: Se pretende ficar num dos hotéis do parque, as pequenas cabanas aos estilo de cowboys do hotel “Camp Resort” farão certamente a alegria dos mais pequenos.

Endereço: Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust, Alemanha

Distância aprox. 280km

Mais informações em:

Foto: Arquivo LW

Legoland e Playmobil

Para os pequenos (e grandes) fãs de Lego e Playmobil, dois outros parques temáticos ficam a cerca de quatro horas de distância de carro. A partir do final de Março pode já contar com a maioria das atracções abertas ao público.

Dica Útil: Ambos os parques possuem vários espaços interiores que garantem diversão mesmo nos dias em que esteja muito frio ou chuva.

Endereço (Legoland): Legoland-Allee, 89312 Günzburg, Alemanha

Endereço (Playmobil): Playmobil FunPark, Brandstätterstraße 2-10, 90513 Zirndorf, Alemanha

Distância aprox. 400km

Mais informações em: e

Camping Birkelt
Camping Birkelt
Foto: Dan Roder

Vá para fora cá dentro

E se não lhe apetece mesmo fazer mais do que uns poucos quilómetros de carro, porque não escolher algo ao estilo “vá para fora cá dentro”? O Grão-Ducado oferece muitas boas opções e uma bem original passa por alugar uma casa ecológica (também chamada “mobile home”) num dos parques de campismo do país. Dois dos parques que oferecem maior qualidade e variedade de actividades para toda a família são o Parque Birklet (Larochette) e o Parque Bissen (Heiderscheidgrund).

Dica Útil:Dado o número limitado de mobile homes e os preços bem competitivos, os parques estão sempre lotados, pelo que deverá fazer a sua reserva com a maior antecedência possível.

Endereço (Birklet): 1 Um Birkelt, 7633 Larochette, Luxemburgo

Endereço (Bissen): 11, Millewee, L-9659 Heiderscheidgrund, Luxemburgo

Distância aprox. 30-50km

Mais informações em: e


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