Face Painting/Balloon Modelling Recommendation

Hi there! As always, good recommendations need to be shared, right? So here I am once again!

Yesterday I had the birthday party of my 2 little munchkins and all together summed 28 kids from 3yo to 7yo! (I know, I’m crazy! 🙂 )

To be able to ensure some entertainment to all of these energetic little people, we had a great helping hand: face painting by Sophia White Alcasas and balloon modelling by Terence. I must say that they did a pretty good job as the kids thrilled with the nice face paintings and Terence was somehow able to sit most of the kids altogether for a balloon workshop of about 20 minutes! Plus, they are both English-speakers, so all kids felt very comfortable with them. PS – Those of you who where at the AWCL Halloween Trunk or Treat might have seen them at work! 🙂

Here is her facebook page: White Facepainter


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