Discovering Luxembourg and Surroundings: Remerschen Beach

As the Summer seems to be back in town, our natural reaction is to go out there and look for the perfect outdoor venue… And you know what? Luxembourg is quite perfect on answering to that question: there are amazing lakes and swimming pools all over the country.
The other day we ended up exploring a little secret that is actually pretty close to our home. Remerschen has a beautiful natural reserve where you can not only find dozens of unique birds (and many other natural and animal species), but also a lovely “beach”. Ok, not really a beach, but a very pleasant lake that is nicely surrounded by sand, pebbles and grass.

On the plus side, this place is super family friendly. Not only it has a shallow and safe lake area especially dedicated to children, but it also keeps an onsite lifeguard. There’s plenty of space to place some towels and picnic blankets. Even though there are many trees offering shadows, bringing a beach parasol would be a better idea if you’d like to stay by the water to keep a closer look to your little ones.

Onsite there is also a restaurant with a outside bar in the terrace by the shallow lake area and it serves drinks, snacks and ice-creams (the terrace is only open during the warmer months).

The lake area is fenced and there is an entrance fee of €4 per adult (free for children up to 10yo). In exchange, you get access to the public toilets with babychange facilities, and to the beach area with all the amenities on site (lifeguard, playground, voleyball pitch and maintenance).

On the minus side, I would need to add that the place is very clean around the shallow lake area and the restaurant – where it matters to most of the families with young kids. However, it changes dramatically if you go further to the more distant and isolated areas where you can also make bbq (you need to bring your own). I just explored a bit further and I was quite disappointed – some garbage on the grass and dogs poo..

And if you are in the mood to combine beach fun with a nice walk, you can also explore the local trail around the whole natural reserve, starting by the impressive building dedicate to the nature (on your right side, once you arrive to the lake area – there’s absolutely no way you can miss it J).

All in all, I would say that this place is very nice and a perfect option for a day out in a warm day. You just need to make sure you choose a nice and clean place by the shallow area – big enough for plenty of families!

Address: Breicherwee, L-5441 Remerschen (there is a big parking onsite – free of charge)

More info on the restaurant Le Chalet:


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