Family Bucket List

Usually, it’s on New Year’s Eve that all of us set some lifetime change goals for the coming year, right? Well, I usually do that as well… Then I tend to forget to regularly check if I’m following that bucket list! And I’m sure I’m not alone on that! :)

So, after some major lifetime events happening during the last few months (in fact, the last few ‘blog absent’ months), I’ve decided that it was time to make some lifetime decisions. Some ‘lifestyle improvements’, I would rather say. Having that in mind, the new posts will be all about a healthier life. That and plenty of family fun time! This is my new bucket list for, at least, the next three months. I say just three months because it is my intention to continuously review it and continuously improve it! Are you also with me? Hope so!

My Bucket List


I’m back!


Lovely Luxembourg

It is true, it’s been a while from my last post.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a roller coaster with so many things happening at the same time. Some good, some not so good, but anyway, as someone once said “what doesn’t hurt you, will surely makes you stronger”. And this is so true… I do need to believe that there are always some sunshine after a storm. That’s the way I enjoy every single day of my life. Hope you do that as well, my expat-blogging-sphere-friends! Just made up that word! 🙂

Thought about getting back to the active blog posting thing with a very dear article that I’ve published on Clew online magazine a while ago. Enjoy!

As for the near future, I’ve planned some healthy posts with some yummy ideas. Curious? So, stay tunned! 🙂

Thank You Luxembourg!


Today, I felt very special of being part of the expat community living in Luxembourg, so I was really wondering to share it here with you.

Me and my family were invited by the commune to plant a tree in honour of our baby’s first year in what they call Kannerbësch (it’s like a small forest for the children). It’s seems like every year all the parents of children born the year before are invited to plant a tree there. Then, the bourgomaster (the communes’s elected president) speak to the community and everyone is offered a beverage and a pastry.

How simple is it to implement? And how powerful and meaningful can be for the parents? It’s great to imagine that one day in the future, my baby girl can go there as an grown-up and ‘recognise’ her own tree! 🙂

So, my words today are: “Thank You Luxembourg for making us feeling welcome here!”




Hi! My name is Rute. I moved to Luxembourg last November (2012) just one month after giving birth to my little baby girl Deb, along with my 3 year old boy. Me and my husband are the happiest parents in the world with our two beautiful kids.

I’m the founder of Giving At Lux Project and I’m also the author of one other blog -“Desperate housekeeping for busy mums and dads“. Since I really wanted to write a lot of usefull stuff to other expat parents living in Luxembourg, I realised it would make much more sense to have a specifc blog to write for them (YOU!)

It’s my intention to write about everything related to our experience living in Luxembourg as expats, from local info to schools, from supermarkets to restaurants…

Please feel free to e-mail me directly for any additional thoughts or feedbacks using the following address