Secret Places in Luxembourg for Families with Kids

Hello there! Since it’s been a while since the last time I’ve published an article, I’ve decided to make it special, with a short-list of my very secret places in and around Luxembourg. As I’m used to say: Luxembourg has always something to offer to everyone’s taste. Just get out of the house and explore!

Scenario:  It’s a hot summer day and I need a decent, not overcrowded, water fun
Answer 1: Grab your picnic stuff and head to Vianden swimming pool. There is a total of 3 swimming pools, including a baby splash area together with a playground. Lots of big trees do a very decent job providing a good amount of shaddow places. I must mention though, the water is slightly heated, but not as much as the majority of the swimming pools in Luxembourg.The cherry on top of the cake is definitely the view… You know, the swimming pool is located exactly on the opposite hill facing the castle, so you will definitely feel like being in a fairytale scenario.
Some more inside tips:
– Get there early as on hot days it tends to be full (though not as super crowded as others)
– There are some parking areas around the entrance, just follow the signs (though the available places get taken quite quickly)
– There’s toillets and shower facilities
– There’s a snack corner with some very basic offer, but enough to cover any extra demand or simply an ice-cream.
Answer 2: Grevenmacher Playground and Swimming Pool by the Mosel. Drive in direction of the swimming pool parking lot and start by letting the kiddos spend some energy at the playground located right next to the parking lot (opposite side to the swimming pool). Then head to the swimming pool. There are 3 swimming pools, including an adults one, an ‘all-family’ L-shapped pool with a slide and a baby splash pool. The spacious grass area by the Mosel river along with the boats here and there, complement the beautiful scenario.
Some more insider tips:
– There is a snack corner where you can buy some pizza, drinks and ice-creams
– There are toilets and shower facilities
Answer 3: Pick one of the many playgrounds with water fun areas. Here are some ideas:
– Pirate Ship Park in the City Centre
– Park Kaltreis in Bonnevoie
– Park in Rosport
– Park in Crauthem/Roeser
Note: I haven’t tried yet the one in Roeser, but it seems to get a lot of good reviews!
Scenario: It’s Sunday and I’m just looking for some comfy food, a bit of sightseeing and some adventure for the kids
Answer: Book your lunch at the most famous Portuguese chicken bbq in Luxembourg – Restaurant Fielser Stuff in Larochette. Remember: It has to be a Sunday, because only Sundays are chicken bbq days! 🙂 Also, be there at noon. The chicken (and pork ribs) are yummy and the price range is excellent, as well as the staff who take care about the Client. Yes, true! Then, walk up in direction of the Castle ruins. Just take the road of the restaurant and walk up a few meters until you see a small local grocery store on your right. Just after, you’ll spot a little sign (also on the right) to go up to the Castle. Walk up the stairs and follow the path towards its right side, all around the ruins, until you reach the Castle entrance. Once there, you can either go inside for a visit or just enjoy the view over Larochette from the free-access balcony. Then, a little suprise for the kids! Take your car and head up to the Camping Auf Kengert, just outside Larochette. Just by the swimming pool you’ll find a nice bar with an inside playground plus a huge outside playground as well (so depending on the weather, your call!). Adults can enjoy a glass of wine and a piece of the delicious homemade apple pie, while the kids run around. To top all of this, just next to the playground, by the entrance of the forest, you’ll find the Barefoot Path. Fun is guaranteed, for sure!
Scenario: It’s just a normal weekend, but I really want a nice restaurant topped with a decent wine tasting
Answer: Book your table at the Winery and Restaurant Apel Weingut, in Nittel. If the weather is nice, ask for a table in the terrace, as it is set with a lovely playground (private to the Restaurant). Then, if you feel you’d like to upscale your Mosel experience on the German side, then just stay at the guesthouse. The service is family friendly and relaxed. Plus, the rooms are topped with an open view over the vineyards and the Mosel. All you can ask! 🙂
Scenario: I know everything in Luxembourg, so I would need a different cute village nearby to impress
Answer: Saarburg! What a nice surprise. Tucked midway between Trier and Remich, one wouldn’t find out about this secret gem. It has a Castle, river waterfalls, esplanade, nice local shops and very good local Riesling. What else? First things first, be sure to book a table outside at the restaurant Zunfstube. It gets super full quite quickly and I guarantee you don’t want to waste this opportunity. Local food, local wine, completed with a smile on the face! Though skip the dessert and have the best ice cream ever at the Eis Cafe, just round the corner. Insider tip: Be sure to tell the waiter when the ice cream is for the kids as he’ll do quite a pretty nice job to please them! 😉 Food checked, so time to wonder around. Follow the signs to the castle (‘Burg’) and enjoy the views from every hidden corner. Just amazing.. On the way, you can also explore some of the local shops. I’ve found some super cute and good quality handmade jewellery there.
Scenario: I have visitors that I really need to impress!
Answer 1: Drive up to Grevenmacher for a guided visit to the Bernard-Massard cellar and production facilities. The most proeminant cremant producer will make it up for you. In the end, you are directed to the bar where you are offered the drinks. What about the kids, you will ask? No worries, as they are not only welcomed and offered a grape juice ‘tasting’, but also the visit is just short enough to keep them entertained. Then, also here I have a cherry on top of the cake for you, hehe 🙂 My very best kept secret, the viewpoint of Koeppchen. Just google it, and follow the directions to that tiny little church on the very top of the vineyards overlooking the Mosel. It’s just so quiet, so peaceful, so amazing… the perfect pic for your most difficult-to-impress visitors!
Answer 2: Book a table at the Restaurant Du Pressoir in Remich. Ask for a table by the window to get access to the amazing views. It’s a bit fancy but not too fancy, if you know what I mean. Besides the views and the yummy comfy food, the kids will be delighted with the inside corner fullfilled with toys. Then, explore the outside grounds of the restaurant and take some nice pictures with a view over the Mosel.
Scenario: I’m just looking for a quiet place with playground and animals, out of the usual places
Answer 1: The horse farm Mutferter-Haff offers a perfect setting to enjoy a drink or simple food, while the kids play in the playground. It offers a home for horses and often you can enjoy the trainings or just the daily care of the animals.
Answer 2: The Haus vun der Natur in Kochelsheuer also offers free-access to several farm animals. Just park your car at the Kochelsheuer parking lot, cross the playground (or, even better, spend some time there), then walk down the path (direction Roeser) just for a few meters, until you spot the first cute animals.
Scenario: I’m looking for an outstanding Zoo
Answer: Pairi Daiza, near Mons, Belgium. No need for further description, this place is just amazing. It’s more than a Zoo, it is a travel-around-the-world experience in one day.
I would continue over and over with so many other secret tips, but I’ll leave it for another day 😉
What about you? Do you have any secret places to share? Do let me know!

Agenda for the Weekend – 25th to 28th March (EN & PT)

(Versão completa em Português mais abaixo)

Hi there! So, if you’re around during the Easter weekend, here are my picks: the reopening of Parc Merveilleux, the Medieval Market of Echternach and the Easter Market in the city of Luxembourg

Here is some additional info:

– Parc Merveilleux reopens to the 2016 season on the 26th March. More info on the website ( Address: route de Mondorf, em Bettembourg

– From Friday to Saturday (11am to 9pm) and on Monday (11am to 6pm), Echternach presents the Medieval Market (“Mittelaltermarkt”). More info at the event’s website ( Address: place du Marché, Echternach.

– On Monday, Luxembourg city center is all dressed-up for the Easter Market (“Emaichen”), very well-know by the traditional pottery whistling birds (Péckvillercher). More information at the website of the event ( Address: rue Marché aux Poissons, rue  du Marché aux Herbes, rue  de la Boucherie, rue  du Ros rue  Sigefroi, rue  de la Reine and place Guillaume II. Please note that the village of Nospelt also presents a similar market during the same day.

Have Fun!!


Para conhecer a agenda completa, visite a página web do seu CONTACTO.

Reabertura do Jardim das Borboletas

Na sexta-feira, o Jardim das Borboletas (“Päiperleksgaart”) reabre as suas portas ao público, para mais uma estação de visitas. A entrada tem um custo entre 6 euros (crianças entre os 3 e os 14 anos) e 10 euros (adultos). Mais informações no site do espaço ( Endereço: route de Trèves, em Grevenmacher.

Quermesse de Páscoa

A partir de sexta-feira (e até ao dia 11 de Abril), Esch-sur-Alzette recebe a quermesse de Páscoa, com muita animação para toda a família. Endereço: place des Remparts e place Victor Hugo, em Esch-sur-Alzette.

Mercado Medieval em Echternach

De sexta-feira a domingo, das 11h às 21h, e na segunda-feira, das 11h às 18h, Echternach recebe o mercado medieval (“Mittelaltermarkt”). Mais informações no site do evento ( Endereço: place du Marché, em Echternach.

Páscoa no Belle Étoile

Na sexta-feira e no sábado, o Centro Comercial La Belle Étoile apresenta um mercado de Páscoa a todos os visitantes, com a possibilidade das crianças participarem em diversos ateliers criativos. A participação é gratuita. Mais informações no site do espaço ( Endereço: route d’Arlon, em Bertrange.

À descoberta no Luxemburgo

Na sexta-feira, das 11h30 às 18h30, e no sábado, das 10h às 18h, por ocasião do início da estação turística de 2016, a place d’Armes irá receber diversos stands alusivos a tudo de bom que Luxemburgo tem para oferecer: natureza, cultura, produtos locais… A entrada é gratuita. Para mais informações, consulte o site da organização ( Endereço, place d’Armes, na capital.

Exposição Internacional do Cão

No sábado e no domingo, das 10h às 18h, a LuxExpo recebe mais uma edição da exposição internacional do cão. A entrada tem um custo de 5 euros. Mais informações no site do evento ( Endereço: Entrada norte da LuxExpo, em Kirchberg.

Reabertura do Parque Maravilhoso

No sábado, o Parque Maravilhoso reabre as suas portas ao público, para mais uma estação de visitas aos curiosos animais da floresta. A entrada tem um custo entre 6 euros (crianças entre os 3 e os 14 anos) e 10 euros (adultos). Mais informações no site do parque ( Endereço: route de Mondorf, em Bettembourg.

Páscoa em Ettelbruck

No sábado, das 10h às 17h, Ettelbruck convida todas as famílias e conhecer o coelhinho da Páscoa que andará pelas ruas pedonais a distribuir ovos. Haverá também um pequeno espaço com animais da quinta, na place de l’Eglise.

Playmobil no Belval Plaza  

A partir de sábado (e até ao próximo dia 9 de Abril), o centro comercial Belval Plaza convida todas as famílias a visitar a exposição de Playmobil, que contará também com uma área de brincar (todos osdias, das 14h às 18h, com excepção dos dias 27 e 28 de Março) e pinturas faciais. Endereço: BELVAL PLAZA Shopping Center, 7 avenue du Rock’n Roll, em Esch-sur-Alzette. Mais informações no site:

Mercado da Páscoa na capital e em Nospelt

Na segunda-feira de Páscoa, Luxembourg recebe mais uma edição do mercado da Páscoa (“Emaichen”), bem conhecido pelos pequenos passarinhos de cerâmica (“peckvillercher”). A participação é gratuita. Mais informações no site do evento ( Endereço: na capital (rue Marché aux Poissons, rue  du Marché aux Herbes, rue  de la Boucherie, rue  du Ros rue  Sigefroi, rue  de la Reine e place Guillaume II) e em Nospelt.

Mercado da Páscoa de Clervaux

Também na segunda-feira, das 11h às 18h, Clervaux recebe o mercado da Páscoa que conta com muita animação e entretenimento para toda a família, incluíndo o coelhinho da Páscoa que andará a distribuir ovos. A participação é gratuita. Mais informações no site do evento (ço: place du Marché, em Clervaux.

Rute Vendeirinho

Skiing Fun for Families near Luxembourg


Ok, first of all, if you are a real skiing addict, I must be honest: this article won’t be the right one for you! Please don’t be angry with me! 🙂

My secret tips about skiing include those smaller ski resorts where you can spend some hours (or even a few days) having some skiing fun in family. All of them offer ski lessons and the possibility to rent all equipment onsite.




Belgium – Baraque de Fraiture  – 120km (1h)

Where to ski:

Good to know:

– Renting of ski equipment and ski lessons available on site (need to book in advance)

– Perfect location for a one-day ski fun

– There is a specific ski slope just for sledges!


Germany – Eifel – 120km (1h30)

Where to ski:

Good to know:

– Perfect location for a one-day ski fun

– Renting of ski equipment and ski lessons available on site



Belgium – Mont des Brumes – 150km (1h30)

Where to ski: Mont des Brumes Ski Resort (

Good to know:

– Renting of ski equipment and ski lessons available on site (need to book in advance)

– Perfect location for a one-day ski fun


France – Ventron – 240km (2h30)

Where to Ski: Frère Joseph Ski Resort(

Good to know: Ski lessons and equipment available to rent onsite

Where to Stay:

Hotel Les Buttes (

Insider Tips: A charming chalet hotel (4*) – They have triple rooms where you can comfortably fit a family of 2 adults and 2 young kids; Walking distance to the ski slopes of the family friendly Ski Resort “Frère Joseph”

Hotel de l’Ermitage Frère Joseph (

Insider Tips: In front of the ski slopes; A ski pass vendor, ski school and ski equipment hire are available on site.



France – La Bresse – 240km (2h30)

Where to Ski: La Bresse Ski resort (

Good to know: ski lessons and equipment available to rent onsite

Where to Stay:

Résidence Les Grandes Feignes (

Insider tips: Nice family friendly apartments right in front of the ski slopes (usually only available for week-long bookings, but it’s possible to get last minute 1 night spots); Excellent option for price/quality

Auberge du Brabant (

Insider Tips: Located just across the street from the ski pistes (La Bresse Bramant); All ski related services are available to book onsite


Germany – Winterberg – 360km (4h)

Where to ski: Winterberg Ski Resort (

Where to Stay:

Vakantiehotel Der Brabander

Insider Tips: Very family friendly with indoor playroom and outdoor playground; Right in front of the ski slopes


Have Fun!!

Sharing Some Fun: Interesting Article about SAHMs


For today’s “Sharing Some Fun”, I’ve chosen an interesting article that I’ve read earlier this morning. It might be quite controversial I must say…

The article talks about Stay-At-Home-Mums (aka SAHM’s). Many times I saw myself exactly in the same situation, having the same feelings, so I did relate to that article. But truly, I know, the article is written with some very strong feelings…!/parenting/stay-home-moms-shut-up


Then, a very good article adds a more constructive point of view over the same theme…

Do you relate?

Travelling with Kids – Skiing

The other day, a dear friend shared on facebook some very usefull info on Skiing Hotels as recently she had done some reasearch for herself (Thank You Tam!). So, I thought that it might be a very good idea to share with you all. Well, at least I can speak for myself, as someone looking forward for some skiing holidays in the near future for the very first time 🙂

So, the result of that precious search was the following list of hotels (and hotel chains):
Club Med
Belambra Clubs
Crystal Ski
Esprit Ski

Please note that this search results focus mainly on locations near Luxembourg. A nice tip is to check on the reviews from other people. Personally, when it comes to hotels, I rely mostly on Tripadvisor and Booking, but a generic Google Search is also very useful.

As a family with young kids, and for all kinds of holidays (not only skiing),we are always looking for hotels with some very family friendly details like:
– Outdoor playground (for those times when you’re not skiing or if somehow your kiddo finds out that he’s scared of it!)
– Indoor playroom (just in case you need to stay inside…)
– Baby-friendly amenities like high-chairs, baby cot, baby bath tub, bottle warmer
– Baby / child care
– Proximity to a hospital or available doctor on hotel premises
– Proximity to a pharmacy
– Proximity to a supermarket (you never know when you’ll run out of diapers)
– The all-inclusive system is something very useful for families, although not a ‘must-have’

Event: All American Festival


Next weekend, Place Guillaume II will host a unique music event: All American Music Festival.

From 18th to 20th May, there will be plenty of music and culinary ambiance of the American Deep South. I’m particularly curious about Sneaky Pete, Stacey Collins and the Golden Voices of Gospel.

The entry is free of charge and you can check detailed program at the official website.

Have you attended this festival last year? If so, please share with us!