Sharing Some Fun – Decluttering Tips

For today’s “Sharing Some Fun”, I’ve chosen to declutter!

Yes, that kind of thing we always, but always, say: “Yeah, well, I’ll do it tomorrow!” So here are some great tips to simplify and start doing it right now! 🙂
Have some (organized) Fun!


Christmas Train and St Nicolas – 2014


Hi there! The Christmas Train is back to the town!

Having my post from last year as a reference, here is a quick note to let you know about the Train 1900, the magic Christmas train to see Santa at Fond-de-Gras. Well, actually it’s not Santa Claus but St Nicolas and it’s not in December but in November.

So first, let me try to explain the whole story! 🙂

During November, St. Nicolas, aka Klees’chen, comes to the Grand-Duchy to check if the children deserve any presents. Then, the kids wait until December 6th (St Nicholas Day) to find out the veredict. He usually appears at shopping centers, schools… During the visits, he may give sweets and the children take some photos. St Nicholas is usually accompanied by angels or by his Houseker, aka Black Peter (or Père Fouettard). This evil figure was an evil butcher who wanted to boil some young children and turn them into nice sausages (Christmas story?? Doesn’t seem so…). It is believed that St Nicholas has saved the children through some divine intervention and Black Peter was dealt the fate of following St Nicholas from town to town. He carries switches so that he can deal with those children who didn’t behave. On the Eve of St. Nicholas Day, children put plates on the table for St. Nicolas to fill with sweets and treats as well as some toys, of course!

So, there are some similarities to the traditional Santa Claus as we are used to know! With a little switch here and there! 😉

Getting back to the train, the big event happens during the weekend of November 22rd and 23th. This very old and cute steam train starts its journey at the station of Pétange and after a 30-minute ride it arrives at Fond-de-Gras. There, St Nicholas will be waiting for the families to take some photos and offer some sweets to the good boys and girls 😉 There is also a big tent with food and drinks to buy and miniature trains to see. It seems like a great deal of family fun, right? The only detail to remember? To book it as soon as you can because it’s always, but always full. To do so, just send an email to saying the number of adults/children and the preferred schedule. They will reply to you with the payment information.

You can check some pictures here.

– Adults €11 / Children 8€ (<5yo, including gift) / Children €15 (5-11yo, including gift)

-Saturday at 13:45 and 15:15 (departure at Pétange)
-Sunday at 10:45, 13:30and 15:30 (departure at Pétange)
Note: You’ll get back to Pétange by train as well.

Sharing Some Fun – Activities for Toddlers

For today’s “Sharing Some Fun”, I’ve chosen something useful for all parents of little busy minds, aka, TODDLERS! 🙂

If you have little ones in the age range from 1 to 3 years old (not know the precise year-range to classify a “toddler”), you know what I mean:

– They are usually very active;

– They need 200% of your attention on a 24h*7 basis;

– They cannot even consider to be quietly sitted and  enjoying a good book…

Well, they are crazy little sweet toddlers, right? Our precious little ones! 🙂
So, for you, here is a very complete list of fun activities you can do with yor toddlers.
Have Fun!

Sharing Some Fun


Welcome to this new series of blog posts! Every now and then I’ll share with you some of my favourite posts from my online blogging peers.

For this very first post, I’ve choosen something that’s already on my mind in this time of the year: Pumpkin and Apple picking!

Also, if you’re in Luxembourg, make sure you’ll save these dates:

1. Pumpkin Festival in Mersch, 2014 (“Kürbisfest”)
WHEN: 20.09.2014 (17.00-23.00) and 21.09.2014 (10.00-18.00)
WHERE: Hal Irbicht, Beringen/Mersch
WHY: In the past, there were pony rides, a giant sand pit, bouncy house, trampoline, pumpkin painting…
Detailed program (not available in english, sorry…)
– Flyer – Front Page (PumpkinFest_Pag1)
– Flyer – Back Page (PumpkinFest_Pag2)

2. Apple Picking in Steinsel, 2014 (“Fête des Pommes”)
WHEN: 27/28 Sept, 04/05 Oct, 11/12 Oct, 2014
WHERE: Vergers de Steinsel, Steinsel
WHY: For more details on the event, you can read my blog post from last year:

Have Fun & Be Happy!!

Now, it’s time to share some great blog posts:


Family Agenda for the Weekend – 31st May & 1 June

Bees at Beckerich
When: Saturday, 31st May
Where: Biekerecher Millen. 103, Huewelerstrooss, L-8521 Beckerich.
Why: Free guided visits to a ‘house of bees’ at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. To reserve your place: 23 63 04 74 or e-mail (Filbig Francis)
There will be also a local produce fair and animations. For more information:

Night at the forest
When: 31st May
Where: Esch/Alzette Forest. Centre d’accueil Ellergronn, Esch/Alzette.
Why: A great opportunity for teenagers to learn some survival tecniques, away from technologies! To reserve a place, you should contact Pol Zimmermann or Raphael Fiegen: tel 26 54 42 1 or e-mail

Sheep Weeks at Robbesscheier
When: 31st May to 15th June
Where: Robbesscheier Tourist Center, Clervaux
Why: A package full of fun including: shearing of the sheep, feeding the animals… Or even a donkey ride. Full program at

Concert at the Abbey
When: Sunday, 1st June at 5pm
Where: Neumünster Abbey
Why: The Colour of Song is a promissing show organized by the Voices International group. Children are welcome and will have free entry (up to 8yo). Adults: €16, Students: €12. More information at

Sunday at the Museum
When: Sunday, 1st June, 3pm to 5pm
Where: National Museum of History of Luxembourg City
Why: Parents can visit the museum while the kids are entertained with a mosaic workshop. Free entrance to kids. For reservations: 4796 4900) or e-mail

Speed Cars at Belle Étoile
When: Until 31st May
Where: Belle Étoile Shopping Centre, route d’Arlon, L-8050 Bertrange
Why: If you have a little one who loves cars, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to show him the real ones. Also, there will be a car race simulator on site (30th and 31st May).

Family Agenda for the Weekend – 23rd & 24th May

Toy Sale at Topaze
When: 24th May (all afternoon)
Where: Topaze Shopping Centre, route de Colmar-Berg, L-7525 Mersch
Why: An opportunity to find a bargain in second-hand toys and other kids stuff. Free entrance.

African Dance and Music
When: 24th May, from 10am to 12am.
Where: CITIM (Centre d’Information Tiers Monde), 55 avenue de la Liberté, Luxemburg-gare
Why: A fun workshop for kids (ages 8+) with music, dance and stories from Africa. Free entrance but place should be reserved by phone (400 427 31) or e-mail

Octave Market
When: All weekend (last days)
Where: Place Guillaume and Place de la Constituition
Why: Last chance to visit this special market, where you can taste a waffle, take a ride at the old merry-go-round or just go for a walk.

Speed Cars at Belle Étoile
When: Until 31st May
Where: Belle Étoile Shopping Centre, route d’Arlon, L-8050 Bertrange
Why: If you have a little one who loves cars, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to show him the real ones. Also, there will be a car race simulator on site (23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st May).

Street Market (Stroossemaart)
When: 24th May, from 8am
Where: City centre and around the central train station
Why: A different way of strolling through the city centre, with more than 200 sale stands, including food and drinks.

Storytime at Chapter 1
When: 24th May, 10am and 11am
Where: Chapter 1 bookshop
Why: An english speaking event on storytelling for children aged two to five (10am) and six to ten (11am). Refreshments included for parents and children.


Agenda em Português disponível na sua página no Contacto.

Family Agenda for the Weekend – 17 & 18 May 2014

Magic at Belle Étoile
When: 16th and 17th May, at 14:30 and 16:30 (duration 12 minutes)
Where: Belle Etoile Shopping Centre
Why: Free magic shows with the well known magician Hans Davis. There will be also some workshops on how to make figured shadows with the hands
More information at

The Museums open their doors
When: 17th and 18th May
Where: Museums all over the country.
Why: Great opportunity to visit the museums for free. Also, a very complete program with workshops, special guided visits, meeting the artists and children activities.
Detailed Program at

Let’s go to the Theatre
When: 17th and 18th May
Where: CarréRotondes, 1 Rue de l’Aciérie Luxembourg, 1024 Luxembourg
Why: ‘Swift’ is a different theatre show for everyone (from 3 years old) with no language requirements. Inspired by the stories of Gulliver, this show is a travel through a world of irrational proportions. Prices 5€ to 10€.
More information at

Sports Night
When: 17th May
Where: Different venues all over the country.
Why: An opportunity to try or simply watch different sports and have a fun time with your friends and family. Free.
For more information and detailed program visit

Eventos já divulgados na agenda anterior:

Flamenco Festival, Esch
When: Until 17th May
Where: Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik Esch, rue de Luxembourg 116, L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette
Why: Several Flamenco shows. As most latin events, this one is for all ages.
More information: e

Spring Exposition, LuxExpo
When: Until 18th May
Where: LuxExpo, Kirchberg
Why: A great opportunity to taste some food delicacies and wines or crémants. Several animations available on-site, including an ice-skating ring, a Panini stickers exchange area, table soccer competition and previous world soccer championship shows will be shown on screen. To get a free ticket and enroll on free ‘degustations’ or workshops, visit the website