Hiring a Cleaning Lady in Luxembourg

A constant question one can find in social media websites is “How can I legally hire a cleaning lady in Luxembourg?”. So here is a brief explanation that I sincerely hope will help you out! 🙂

1. Where to find a cleaning lady?
This is a hard one. Although it can ended up being easy to find someone, it is always difficult to trust our home and personal belongings to someone else’s care, right?

So, here are some tips:
– Ask your local friends, school/daycare, church…
– Ask your commune of residency or search on their website.
– Ask in local expat facebook pages/groups (“Luxembourg Parents”, “Mums, Bumps and Babies Luxembourg”, “AWCL Moms, Kids & Families” (you’d need join AWCL), “British Ladies Club of Luxembourg” (you’d need to join http://www.blc.lu).
2. How to (legally) hire a nanny ?

The CCSS (Centre Commun de la Securite Sociale) has implemented a ‘simplified procedure’ to help you hiring a cleaning lady (“femme de ménage”). The only thing you need to do is to agree on the net value with the lady, then print out the contract, sign it and send it back by mail.

Then, by the end of each month, you’ll need to pay the net value directly to the cleaning lady. On the other hand, you’ll receive an invoice from the CCSS for you to pay (to CCSS) the tax and social security regarding this specific contract.

Besides that, every 6 months they will send a receipt for you and for the nanny and they even provide the annual tax declaration (by March, each year). All information is available in their website.

Please note that all this procedure is also valid to hire a babysitter!


Well, I think that’s it! Please feel free to add any comments or thoughts. I’d love to learn more as well! 🙂


European Health Card – Don’t forget it during your holidays!

Hello there!

It’s holidays time and we always forget to check the (so short) validity period of our European Health Card, right?

So, here is a quick tip. If the expiration date of your health card is almost gone, do ask for a new one, just in case…carteeuropeenneassurancemaladie

You can either order a new one (it can take up to 3 weeks) here:


Or, if you will be travelling soon, you can order a temporary form to take with you:


Enjoy! And have some safe and healthy Summer holidays!! 🙂