Let’s help the children in need

Hi there! I just found out a great initiative to help children in need. Its so easy to help and, at the same time, so meaningful. Please share!



“Giving At Lux” Project


When moving to Luxembourg, I had the chance to move with all our belongings and I got almost everything packed and sent to our new home. As I was unpacking, I realised that it just didn’t make sense to keep everything, since there were several things we just don’t use a lot. In fact, it just clicked in my mind that it was time to make a change in our life and live with what we really need.

So than I made a list of the home stuff I should get rid off and once again I realised that was quite a lot. That stuff could really mean something for someone else…

As I was quite new in Luxembourg, I didn’t have the local contacts to charity associations. So I posted on some local web forums and I got quite surprised with the amount of people who are really in need for everything you can imagine. I received several e-mails from people who came in search of a big dream with little more than their personal clothes. But I had just a few items to give away. That was the moment when a personal project kicked-off, even before I realised it: “Giving At Lux”.

Just a few moments after posting a message in my blog “Desperate housekeeping for busy mums and dads“, asking for help, I received an e-mail from a journalist who wanted to interview me.

You can easily find the interview in the following link:

Expat mum’s clear-out gives hope to hard-up residents

I must say that the word was really spread away as in just a few hours I got some e-mails of people interested in participate in this idea as well! It was so wonderful! 🙂

Then the community facebook page was created and we have now almost 150 members!!

And most important of all, “Giving At Lux” initiative already managed to help 14 families with several items, from food baskets to furniture, clothes and toys!

Amazing! I’m so grateful… And I’m sure the families in need are very grateful as well!

A Big Thank You To You All!!!