Start saving on groceries

Here are my articles for on grocery management and meal planning:

“How to start saving on meals”

E também em português! 🙂

“Comece o ano a poupar planeando um menu familiar”

“Saiba como tirar partido das promoções de supermercado”


How to keep your walls clean?

If you are a parent to little kids you know how difficult it is to prevent some ocasional draws in the walls, especially in white walls.

I’m a strong defender of using natural products on everyday cleaning, but when it comes to this kind of stains or drawings, it is sometimes very difficult to be effective with solutions like bicarbonate of soda or vinegar.

Today I’m sharing with you my little secret: the ‘magic sponge’ that literally erases every kind of drawings in your walls. Recently I found it in local supermarkets: