Family Agenda for the Weekend – 17 & 18 May 2014

Magic at Belle Étoile
When: 16th and 17th May, at 14:30 and 16:30 (duration 12 minutes)
Where: Belle Etoile Shopping Centre
Why: Free magic shows with the well known magician Hans Davis. There will be also some workshops on how to make figured shadows with the hands
More information at

The Museums open their doors
When: 17th and 18th May
Where: Museums all over the country.
Why: Great opportunity to visit the museums for free. Also, a very complete program with workshops, special guided visits, meeting the artists and children activities.
Detailed Program at

Let’s go to the Theatre
When: 17th and 18th May
Where: CarréRotondes, 1 Rue de l’Aciérie Luxembourg, 1024 Luxembourg
Why: ‘Swift’ is a different theatre show for everyone (from 3 years old) with no language requirements. Inspired by the stories of Gulliver, this show is a travel through a world of irrational proportions. Prices 5€ to 10€.
More information at

Sports Night
When: 17th May
Where: Different venues all over the country.
Why: An opportunity to try or simply watch different sports and have a fun time with your friends and family. Free.
For more information and detailed program visit

Eventos já divulgados na agenda anterior:

Flamenco Festival, Esch
When: Until 17th May
Where: Centre Culturel Kulturfabrik Esch, rue de Luxembourg 116, L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette
Why: Several Flamenco shows. As most latin events, this one is for all ages.
More information: e

Spring Exposition, LuxExpo
When: Until 18th May
Where: LuxExpo, Kirchberg
Why: A great opportunity to taste some food delicacies and wines or crémants. Several animations available on-site, including an ice-skating ring, a Panini stickers exchange area, table soccer competition and previous world soccer championship shows will be shown on screen. To get a free ticket and enroll on free ‘degustations’ or workshops, visit the website


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